Neil Adams: A Game Of Throws Documentary

I used to get nightmares.

Those nightmares that send you into cold sweats, the ones from which you can't wake yourself.

"I couldn't get there." I would tell Niki when she shook me awake.

"They're calling my name to the mat and I can't get there."

Or I'm supposed to be teaching and I can't get to the class. 

I hear my brother....but can't get there in time.

This book started out as a self-healing journey, a way to understand what my brain is trying to sort out in the darkest hours. It was a diary of sorts, really. However as the process went on, I realised, and hoped, that maybe my experiences would help someone else. 

The documentary was an interview process to get all the events out of my head, to be able to sort through the fog and make sense of thoughts and feelings. To really feel in a safe environment and without a crutch.

I hope that either or both these processes help someone else out there who many be struggling mentally with their environment and know that it's ok to talk it out....that you NEED to talk.

And if you know someone who needs to talk, be there.

Just be there and listen.

Neil x