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Knowing your sport to the level that Neil does helps deliver the media focus mandate of the International Judo Federation to build the popularity and exposure of the Sport and Art of Judo. He is now known as the Voice of Judo for his live commentary on the World Ranking Circuit particularly for his uncanny way of reading the fights and providing top shelf insight into the minds of the fighters, interpretation of the referees and explaining in plain, comprehensible detail the New Rules that have taken the sport not only back to its roots technically, but raised it to platform where the Ippon is coveted once again.

Although Neil travels to over 17 Grand Prix and Grand Slam events all over the world, a special event that will always be close to his heart will be his position as the Announcer/Presenter and In-house Commentator for the London 2012 Olympic Games. For the first time, the Games utilized earpieces that the audience could purchase and could follow throw by throw commentary delivered by Neil and his co-commentator, fellow World Champion Mike Swain from the USA. It was later discerned that in attendance was a 60% non-judo audience. For a sold out venue, Neil was honored to be a part of introducing and educating people to our sport.