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Neil Adams MBE OLY, is a 9th dan bestowed on him by the International Judo Federation and has been honoured by the IJF as an official Technical Expert. 

His competition record of 2 Olympic Silver medals and World Championship title adds to his 30+ years of coaching experience and is found here where you can have access to hours of training and technical video resources, and now discuss ideas, tactics and technique in our new coaching, referee and athlete mentorship and support programme.

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"I've always said, Neil Adams had more talent in his little finger than I had in my whole body.  And he can still do it."

-George Kerr CBE, 10th dan, Japanese Order of The Rising Sun

"I was lucky enough to train for 18 months as a student of Neil Adams, in his full time international judo class in Coventry.  I can tell you without a doubt that it was the best experience of my forty years in the martial arts.

To work under the direct tutelage of the greatest occidental judo player of his generation was (and remains) an honour for me.

Neil's level of play was second to none but, more than that, it was his level of integrity, his kindness and his generosity that have stayed with me most. Neil epitomises true Budo: ferocious and instinctive on the mat, gentle and unassuming in the world.

This polarity is rare and beautiful.

I consider Neil to be both a great teacher and a great friend."

-Geoff Thompson 8th Dan Karate BCA, WCA



Knowing and understanding the underlying concepts of throws and the Art itself creates a solid foundation from which to build any technique from. 

This video library is full of Neil Adams 'Golden Nuggets' of knowledge that either will help you in your quest as a beginning Judoka or a review as an instructor 




41 throws that create the fundamental, traditional Gokyo creating a base for any grading syllabus and study hall for those who are grading through the belts. 

Neil has broken each video down into consumable portions. It is a work of 50 years of collected knowledge to aid instructors in their skills lessons




A more in-depth look at the concepts and manoeuvres of your favourite Newaza techniques.

As a companion to Judo Excellence : The Gokyo students and teacher alike can draw in the 50+ years of groundwork knowledge from a world- renowned groundwork specialist.  

Suitable for beginning Judokas



Each study is an in-depth look of 2 hrs+ at Neil's favourite technique and concepts. 

Also included case studies of his favourite competitors from both past & present to illustrate different styles.

Currently is Tai Otoshi, Uchi Mata, Juji Gatame, Gripping for Success & Tomoe Nage




A new community for Judokas who are serious about skills and the nuances of Judo.

The Dojo Collective is an interactive place for coaches and clubs to share ideas, hear from Neil and top personalities about the latest trends in world Judo.

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Lessons from the Archives

We've resurrected Neil's very 1st groundwork series of lessons made with the help of our friends at Fighting Films.

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The 3 Ts : Throws, Takedowns & Transition

Eliminate the confusion between throwing and takedowns in this clear and directed course that shows you:
*the mechanics of throwing       *how to stabilise your takedowns
*how controlling the situation leads to successful transition
EXCLUSIVE BONUS CONTENT - Workshop video of 3Ts Live course
Suitable for both Judokas and BJJ practitioners



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Kuzushi & Morote Seoi nage

Test out Judo Excellence with Morote Seoi nage and learn the most effective Kuzushi for Ippon Success

A Game of Throws - Deleted written sections &  Gala Videos

Unpublished sections of Neil's acclaimed autobiography as well as videos from his 50 Years in judo Celebration Gala

A Game of Throws - The Documentary

Watch Neil's 4 part documentary to compliment his autobiography A Game of Throws


Celebrating the Judo Dojos of the UK - gaining insight into what makes them tick as well as  their colourful histories and characters. 

The Dojo Collective Podcast

Taking on current issues that affect all levels of Judo from Development to World & Olympic Champions

The Collective Newsletter

A monthly roundup of the items Neil has been examining in The Dojo Collective


Specially designed to ensure 180 degree rotation with 3 different, progressive resistance to ensure positive, safe progression in your uchi komi training.





Portable power, that unlike the battle ropes, they don't shed, or shred or take up half your dojo space to store. They roll up in a handy dandy carry case so you can take them to workout wherever you want.





Want a World Champion & Olympic Medalist on your coaching team?

With 50+ years of coaching and competition experience you can now have Neil Adams help you technically and tactically with a range of analytical products




Introducing the NEW Ashi Waza Skimmer that encourages the correct muscle engagement and foot placement when training and foot sweep techniques. Especially good for beginners and children.



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