Mentorship Programme

Welcome!!  So great to see you!

We're just so pleased to have you, a raring-to-go, hungry for knowledge, give me MORE, kind of coach come to visit and see what we have for you!

As you may well know, our man, Neil is very hot on the progressive nature of learning and we want to make sure you have started your judo journey with us in the most effective way (it is in our name you know!)

We are pleased to present our Coaching & Mentoring  Programme to include the latest in coaching platforms as well as including live coaching and mentorship for coaches as well as athletes and referees to go along with our now vast library of skills resources.


Booking dates will commence in January 2022, however it's best to get your time booked in now as space is limited.

                                                            BOOK HERE NOW!


If you are a Club or National Federation interested in having Neil attend your dojo or coaching conference as a guest instructor, please feel free to contact us at [email protected] for dates and quotes