About Us

About us at NAEF

Neil Adams Effective Fighting Ltd is a company dedicated to the quality development of the Olympic sport of Judo at all levels. Our mission is to promote the technical development of judo & martial arts and create environments that aid in the forums of good sportsmanship, realizing goals, and overall health and fitness for individuals and families.

Although our business namesake, Neil Adams MBE, is known mostly for his Olympic & World Championship results in Judo, we have been asked on several occasions to address the needs of the developing judoka and the coaching system that supports them.

Judo 9th Dan and Olympic coach, Neil Adams MBE is known for his glittering medal tally of 5 European Titles, 2 Olympic Silver medals and his World Championship Gold. He is world-renowned for his technical excellence as is demonstrated by his involvement with the European Expert Commission (EJU), and as The Voice of Judo for his international commentary on the Judo World Circuit.

Neil is committed to giving back to the sport and to deliver a solid foundation to an ever-evolving technical sport. His knack of quick, reflective assessment of techniques and learning abilities is key to the programs we provide. His analysis and ability to read the situations as they currently unfold, not only make him the top commentator for the sport but a cutting-edge analyst and coach educator.

Our programs are about obtaining quality teaching concepts to better the lesson planning and sessions of judo coaches who pass this on to their clubs. We are determined to create coaches with technical excellence, which in turn creates a solid foundation for teaching & instruction.

The Adams Family

Family Adams is more about living life to the fullest, and don’t get us wrong, Judo is a big part of that, however, adventure and taking the path less trodden is more our game,

Ashley, 35, documents his outdoor adventures of biking, surfing and team sports with his handy dandy GoPro. He is father to 2 gorgeous twin boys, Archie & Alfie with his equally gorgeous fiancée, Danielle.

Brooke, 19, an all round sports woman, and is presently studying Media Production at Lincoln University and enjoys her festivals.

Taylor, 17, is a budding actress and rugby heavy hitter, who’s sensibilities make her a favourite with small children and those with special needs.

Niki, 48, is also a Judo Olympian who competed at the 1996 Games for Canada and Pan-American Champion. Along with being a Judo instructor and General Manager at NAEF Ltd, is also a British Nordic Walking Instructor and aerobics teacher specialising in Swiss Ball cardio & strengthening. Thankful that her family love to get on a bike and explore the countryside, she enjoys being a perpetual tourist, exploring the history in GB and on their travels around the world.

Neil, 63, is an outdoorsman on his free time and enjoys getting out on the water with the family with their kayaks.    He reads. He reads A LOT.    Being a self-professed tea snob, he take to the roads in his 1978 MG Midget looking for a quiet spot for a quality “cuppa”. He is a family man most of all and looks forward to his time at home with the crew and creating new adventures with them.